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User Sync for Klaviyo

Our latest plugin, “User Sync For Klaviyo” will allow you to automatically sync your WordPress users with your Klaviyo account.

Once you activate this plugin and enter your Klaviyo API keys, it will automatically sync your WordPress user profiles with Klaviyo.

A screenshot of the User Sync for Klaviyo plugin settings

Each time a new profile is created or updated, an event it also recorded on the profile in Klaviyo.

The following properties are synchronized to Klaviyo as profile properties automatically

  • User ID: wordpress_user_id
  • User Registered Date: wordpress_user_registered
  • User Login: wordpress_user_login
  • User Role: wordpress_user_role
  • User First Name
  • User Last Name

A “WordPress – Created User” and “WordPress – Updated User” event is recorded when a user is created or updated.

By default this plugin will only synchronize users created or updated after the plugin was enabled. There is also a feature to allow you to manually sync all of your WordPress users as a once off activity.

Add Klaviyo Onsite Javascript
This plugin includes a setting to automatically add the Klaviyo Javascript to your website. This is an optional setting, as you may have already added the Klaviyo Javascript via their official integration.